For those who have seen the amazing showcase of Almut Kühne and Gebhard Ullmann at the German Jazz Expo in Bremen and are willing to refresh their impressions, here you go!



HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ASIANETWORK!!! April 15, 1997 AsiaNetwork officially started work as a booking agency. Still going on after all these years with finest music!!! I guess in two years I have to think about a special birthday…


The Langston Project with poems by the famous American poet Langston Hughes who was part of the Harlem renaissance will be touring from Oct. 27- Nov. 15, 2015. The line-up consists of Debbie Cameron-voc, Hasse Poulsen-git, Luc Ex-bgit and Mark Sanders-dr.

Here is a link with videos and additional infos:

The Langston Project


Slowly starting into the New Year and hope finally managing to have a new webdesign very soon… at least there are some shows to spent your time with until this is done…

First upcoming tours: after a break in Europe, Pablo Ziegler and Quique Sinesi, guest Walter Castro will have some first shows with their wonderful new album Desperate Dance in January/ February 2015!! The CD will be released with enja/ yellowbird. Really looking forward to the new material!!!

Gebhard Ullmann will be on tour with Conference Call in February 2015 and will have some shows with his new Duo project with very promising and talented Almut Kühne, singer from Berlin. There have been some first great reviews about the new album.

After a smashing tour in October 2014, the Screaming Headless Torsos will be touring in March 2015 in Spain, France, Austria and Switzerland!! Tourdates

Another new release is Johannes Enders Mellowtonin with enjarecords/ yellowbird. After two tourblocks in September and October 2014, the next tours are planned for fall 2015 or March 2016.

We are happy to announce FRANKLIN KIERMYER joining AsiaNetwork! He will be touring his latest project FURTHER with Azar Lawrence-sax, Benito Gonzalez-p and Juini Booth-b that received some remarkable reviews and lots of interest! More infos soon on this website, for the time being please check

PAUL BRODY SADAWI als Bestes Album Grenzgänge auf der Bestenliste 3/2014 der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik!!! Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!!


Ganz neu und unverbraucht, Video von Gebhard Ullmann´s Clarinet Trio



New CD out: PAUL BRODY`S SADAWIs new CD „Hinter allen Worten“ has been released by enja/ yellowbird. The CD is portraying the lyrics of famous author Rose Ausländer. The recording is featuring CLUESO, JELENA KULJIC and MERET BECKER.

Wiederaufnahme von „Die Stadt im Klavier – Cadenza“ von Aki Takase und Yui Kawaguchi am 5., 6. und 7. Februar in den Sophiensälen in Berlin.

Hier der  Teaser:

´“Desordre“ in January.

And the new CD of „Die Enttäuschung“ just was awarded the  jazz choc February for their new recording „Vier Halbe“! Ah, tous les bien musicians!

Congratulations for Irène Schweizer! She was just choosen to receive the Award of Honour  Nachtigall (nightingale) by the Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik.


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