Bruno Angelini Open Land


© Gérard De Haro

Bruno Angelini -p
Régis Huby vio
Claude Tchamitchian -bs
Edward Perraud -dr

Tourperiods: 3.-8 February, 1-15 September, December 2024

A musical journey inspired by minimalist poets from around the world

Poetry has been with me for a long time. I am increasingly receptive to minimalist poetry: breezy, often anchored in the present, allusive rather than metaphysical; a mirror directed at our daily lives and the nature that surrounds us to make us aware of its beauty. These poems also invite me to cultivate my inner world rather than seeking secret happiness in consumption or gesture. I believe they also resonate with my civic thoughts: to enjoy and care for nature, to rethink our needs, and to engage in a process of refraining from growth in order to preserve the earth and share it equitably with those most in need.

For all these reasons, I have decided to dedicate my next musical work to poets from around the world, such as Ada Mondès, William Carlos Williams, Chandak Chattarji, Lydia VadkertiGavornikova, Jacob Nibénegesabe.

My compositions cannot necessarily be classified as musical minimalism‚, except that I like space and silence, like to listen to timbres and resonances, and sometimes write refined melodies. They are mainly oriented towards a harmonic language derived from contemporary music, sometimes combined with rubato movements, sometimes with more complex rhythmic signatures, preferring the mixture of different speeds played simultaneously by the members of the orchestra. (Bruno Angelini)

All compositions were freely inspired by these poems:

Errances by Ada Mondès * Track (Soul wanderings / wild wanderings).

Poèmes de los magique by Jacob Nibénegenesabe * Track (Peaceful Warrior)

Maintenant by Chandak Chattarji * Track (Present time)

Paterson by William Carlos Williams * Track (Paterson part. 1, 2 and 3)

La naissance du jour by Lydia VadkertiGavornikovà * Track (at dawn)


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