Quique Sinesi

 2024 available March to November

Quique is considered one of the most important guitarists and composers of the Argentine scene, Latin Grammy 2005

Quique Sinesi mostly plays his own compositions in the minimum format, on musical tour through different universes that primarily include: folklore, jazz, classical, tango and candombe.

Melody plays a fundamental role in many of his works. He also employs open harmonies and improvisation spaces to maintain his style vibrating, all while coloring with different timbre, harmonies and arpeggios in a variety of stringed instruments like the 7-string Spanish Guitar, the piccolo guitar, the charango, the acoustic guitar, the Ronroco and more modern elements like loops.

Many of his compositions have been played around the world by great performers of the guitar and other instruments like: Berta Rojas, Victor Villadangos, Stefanie Jones, Sharon Isbin, Stanley Jordan, Nora Buschmann, Silvina Lopez, Diego Castro, Yasuji Ohagi and Zsofia Boros just to name a few. He has performed as a soloist at international guitar festivals and theaters in: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Germany, Holland, Luxembourg, Japan, Denmark, USA, Canada, Spain, France and so forth.

In 2014 he was invited to play in the prestigious IGN (International Guitar Night) making an extensive tour of over 30 cities in USA and Canada.

His compositions are published with Ricordi, Lemoine and Gendai

“ One of the many joys of my recent visit in Buenos Aires was meeting and hearing Quique Sinesi. He became -instantly- one of my favorite guitarists. „Jim Hall“

“ Sinesi is considered one of the most representive and prestigious guitarist in our country“ Pablo Romero Escalada


Quique Sinesi Quartett

Nana Tarui-oboe, vio
Franzi Aller-bs
Daniel „Topo“ Gioia -perc

Video 2023


Duo with Martin Sued -bandoneon

Martin Sued und Quique Sinesi sind Musiker, die sich nicht nur dem Tango verschrieben haben, sondern das reiche südamerikanische Erbe geschickt mit Elementen aus Jazz und Folklore vermischen. Martin ist festes Mitglied der Band von Yamandu Costa und hat bereits mit vielen musikalischen Schwergewichten gespielt. Seine eigenen Kompositionen vermischen sich auf wunderbare Weise mit Quiques.


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