Aki Takase´s JAPANIC

JAPANIC by Dirk Bleicker

Aki Takase – piano

Daniel Erdmann – sax

DJ Illvibe aka Vincent von Schlippenbach – turntables

Carlos Bica – bs

Dag Magnus Narvesen – dr

Tourperiod: Nov 24, 2025 tba, festivals on request

Release new CD „Forte“ in April/ May 2024!

A new and exciting quintet of legendary pianist and composer Aki Takase which shows that nowadays jazz hasn´t lost any of its dynamic, playfulness and joy!

With her young colleagues Daniel Erdmann on sax, DJ Illvibe aka Vincent von Schlippenbach on turntables, Carlos Bica on bass and Dag Magnus Narvesen, Aki Takase has choosen some of the most profound musicians to perform with her.

No funny smelling jazz, but a tour de force mix that is one of its own. Saxophonist Daniel Erdmann is member of the trio DAS KAPITAL,  turntable wizzard DJ Illvibe is known as producer for Seeed, Peter Fox, Marteria or Miss Platnum, Double bass player and composer, Carlos Bica,  one of the most prolific and innovative sound artists of Portugal and youngster Dag Magnus Narvesen is part of the Norwegian Kitchen Orchestra or plays in duo with Alex v. Schlippenbach. Watch out for this great new band!!


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