Gebhard Ullmann

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Born on nov. 2, 1957 saxophonist (tenor and soprano), bass clarinetist, flutist (piccolo, concert, alto and bassflutes) and composer gebhard ullmann studied in hamburg and moved to berlin in 1983.

Since then 50 CDs as a leader/co-leader for prestigious labels such as blacksaint/soul note, leo records, between the lines, 482 music, songlines recordings, cimp, drimala records and nottwo records.

One of theof the leading personalities in today’s berlin and international scene, several awards for his work including the julius hemphill composition award (’99), deutsche phonoakademie award (’83), one of the first swf jazz awards (’87),  nomination „best jazz cd of the year“ by the german schallplattenkritik for his cd „tá lam“ in 1995.

cds „final answer“ (2002) and „the bigband project (2004) were listed in downbeat magazine among the best cds of those years.

He is recording artist for soul note and has been living in new york and berlin since. Tours throughout europe as well as africa, canada, new zealand, the usa, south east asia and mexico and performed on most of the world’s most prestigious jazz festivals.

Ullmann recorded or performed with paul bley, han bennink, satoko fujii, william parker, barry altschul, herb robertson, marvin ’smitty‘ smith, ellery eskelin, bob moses, keith tippett, frank gratkowski, sergeij starostin, tiger okoshi, bobby previte, ernst ludwig petrowsky, glen moore, trilok gurtu, ab baars, andreas willers, lauren newton, andrew cyrille, sylvie courvoisier, steve swell, frank moebus, lee konitz, alexander v. schlippenbach,  hans hassler, willem breuker, tom rainey and many more

current projects:




Gebhard Ullmann (ts&bcl) Julian Argüelles (bs) Steve Swell (tb) Pascal Niggenkemper (b) Gerald Cleaver (dr)


Jürgen Kupke (cl) Michael Thieke (acl) Gebhard Ullmann (bcl)

Probably the most striking aspect of the Clarinet Trio’s music is the instrumentation: three clarinets pure. No strings, no piano, no percussion. A trio in the classical sense, without concessions to entertainment knick-knacks.. The music is creatively composed and sensitively improvised. It can also growl, paint sounds and swing melodically. It needs no special effects. It impresses with its creative ideas and masterly playing technique.

The Clarinet Trio since more than two decades is considered one of the leading woodwind ensembles worldwide. Its CDs today are regarded as classics and genre-establishing.

In 2018 the Clarinet Trio premiered the new program : German Jazz Compositions from the 1950s and 60s. Music by Albert Mangelsdorff, Karl Berger, Rolf and Joachim Kühn, E.L. Petrowsky, Jutta Hipp, Joki Freund, Manfred Schoof and others. It will be released for the 25th anniversary of the Clarinet Trio in 2022 entitled: ‚Transitions and Further Passages‘.


‚ Rarely, however, have I heard a recent recording of either genre, classical or jazz, which I’ve not only enjoyed this much but was thoroughly engrossed in from start to finish … and as I say, somehow or other it all comes together to produce a part written-part spontaneous modern composition that I defy even the cleverest and most cutting-edge classical composer to equal, let alone surpass.‘ (Lynn René Bayley, Artmusiclounge 2022)



Gebhard Ullmann (bcl & bfl) Chris Dahlgren und Clayton Thomas or Oli Potratz (basses and objects)


10 best Jazz CDs of 2019‘ (New York City Jazz Record)‚

Gebhard Ullmann setzt mit der Gruppe mikroPULS die Mikrotonalität auf die Tagesordnung des Jazz‘ (Christoph Wagner – Jazzthetik)

perfekt abgerundet und in ein vibririerendes intensives Erlebnis‘ 4 1/2 Sterne (Sven Thielmann – Fono Forum)
Der schwankende Gang … er bereitet nichts als Vergnügen‘ auf der Jahresbestenliste 2019 (Michael Rüsenberg – JazzCity)
so gibt es auf dem neuen Album die wunderbare Ullmann-Komposition ‚Zeit Lupe‘, eine lyrische Ballade zum Hinknien, geerdet in der Jazz Tradition und doch so modern im Umgang mit komplexen Vierteltonpassagen, daß einem mitunter der Atem stockt.’ (Horst Peter Koll – Kölner Stadtanzeiger)

Microtonal project with Hans Lüdemann-p, Gebhard Ullmann-saxes, fl, Oliver Potratz-bs and Eric Schaefer-dr!

Touring: tba, festivals on request!


Gerhard Gschlössl (tb & sousa) Gebhard Ullmann (ts & bcl) Johannes Fink (b & cello) Jan Leipnitz (dr)


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