Aki Takase´s Carmen Rhapsody



Aki Takase -p
Mayumi Nakamura-mezzo
Daniel Erdmann-tsax,
Vincent Courtois -ce


Carmen, one of the most popular operas ever, focuses on a strong and proud woman ruled by her own law. On her new album, iconic jazz pianist Aki Takase takes up this convention-breaker figure, labeling her interpretation of Carmen as a rhapsody. As a seemingly loose sequence of lightly floating, dance-like musical thoughts, which are based on the themes of Carmen by Bizet, not bound to any form and thus verging on anarchy.
Renowned for her unmistakably unique playing and complex and sophisticated approach, Aki Takase has chosen her „partners in crime“ Vincent Courtois on cello and Daniel Erdmann- saxes, to realize the Carmen project. The instrumental star trio is joined by Takase’s compatriot, opera singer Mayumi Nakamura.


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